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A character I played on The Lion King MUCK in 1999.


One other thing was plain...Jicin was Dendrine's unhappy daughter.
By comparism, Jicin seemed a gentle forlorn thing

The Wolves of Time Volume 1: Journeys to the Heartland by William Horwood


Jicin was a female Ethiopian Wolf pup. The daughter of the vagrant Wolf Dendrine by Jumnu, now dead, who was once beta of the Shekwon pack, Jicin was the lastborn, weak, and bullied one of her litter, which included a sister, Sekar, and a brother, Vollutt. Deeply confused and uncertain, she trusted little. The pup was being trained in ruthlessness by her cold mother, until she finally broke and ran from her to wander alone.


Name: The name Jicin, pronounced (by me at least) as [ Jih-kin ], is taken from William Horwood's The Wolves of Time duology, as is the base character personality, in a similar way as is the character's mother Dendrine. An interesting point is that, in the novels, the original Jicin was met only as an adult, so that, in RPing her from birth onwards, I was trying to work towards an ultimate goal in personality.


Jicin's Description:

Jicin is a young female Ethiopian Wolf pup, so thin that her flanks shudder with each rasping breath she takes. The unkempt pelt that covers her is a light brownish grey, darking to a deeper slate color on eartips, spine and feathery tail.
     Her angular face, framed by overlarge ears, holds her one striking feature: a pair of yellow-green eyes. These, and indeed her overall posture, hold an expression of nervous uncertainty, mingled with a pathetic eagerness to please. Her head is held low, her tail curled under, and any movements she makes slow and cautious. Young as she is, this pup has learnt her place well, and has far too little confidence in herself to try and gain anyplace greater.

Preview20A portrait of Jicin as an older pup.Computer paint programApril 18, 1999
Preview24Jicin as a newborn pup.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penJanuary 6, 1999
Preview24Jicin's brother Vollutt.Computer paint programMarch 20, 1999