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My character on Rocky Trails MUCK.


Into that quiet came the sound of steps... a complex four-pawed gait that would have been padding, but for the crisp layer of ice upon the fallen leaves.
The sound neared...the shape...consisted of a compact and short-tailed body...
A strange beast, ... but it was clear that a thinking being stood at my side

-- Soul-Singer of Tyrnos by Ardath Mayhar


Ayera is a female Canadian Lynx. Adult, and mature, she bears some scars of past conflict. One encounter left her with a persistent rasp in voice and breathing, although this is now more an affectation than a genuine disability. She is not unfriendly towards other creatures, but nor does she actively seek their company.


Name: Ayera, with no meaning that I know of, is pronounced [ A-yair-ah ].


Ayera's Description:

Ayera, a mature female Lynx, is something under a meter in length from her foreshoulders to the black tip of her bobbed tail. The pelt that covers her heavyset feline body is smooth and well kept, in color a pale silvery grey, that is marked only faintly by the darker tabby stripes of the wildcat kind. More visible are the faint white lines of long-healed scars that trace cryptic patterns over shoulders and facefur. Scars of past battles won, perhaps, as Ayera's posture is steady and confident, that of a mature creature who knows her capabilities.
     Ayera's face is framed by the shaggy white edging of her cheek ruffs, and silhouetted by the tall black tuft on the tip of each attentively pricked triangular ear. But upon closer observation, the double notch missing from the outer side of her left ear breaks the symmetry. Gazing serenely from this face, framed by the white that flows down over her muzzle and throat as well, are a pair of ice pale green-gold eyes.


A drawing of Ayera's face. [41 K]
Medium: Pencil crayon
Date: February 25, 1999