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A character I played on The Lion King MUCK in early 2006.


Kishushi is a female Leopard, something of a wanderer although not particularly by choice; she's yet to find much of a place or reason to settle down. She has started to feel an increasing pull towards settling at least enough to have cubs. She never knew her own father, and was not much bothered by that fact, or saw her mother minding raising Kishushi alone.


Name: Kishushi means "to tempt" in Swahili. I pronounce her name [ Kish-uh-she ] with a stressed middle sound that is almost a grunt.


Kishushi's description:

Leopards tend to be fairly stocky cats, but Kishushi isn't the best example of that trait; as well as being rather smaller than the usual, she is reasonably delicate, with a long curve her neck and back. Her spots are thickly clustered there, blurred black trailing along her spine and the upper side of her tail.
    On her flanks and the upper part of her legs, the pattern is one of close black rosettes, with a deep gold showing between them, and a slightly more brownish tint within. The looser fur on her belly, as well as up to her throat, is a muted, grayish shade. This also edges her muzzle, and smudges around her eyes.
    Her eyes are a cool grey that leans towards green or blue as the surrounding light changes. Her expressions tend to change with a similar slow shift, round ears turning forward or to the side, but rarely back, to match her patterns of interest and mood.



Evening or night
Description: Kishushi meets with two of her own kind.
Location: Utatu - Valley Lake
Characters: Darwuzi, Ramia, Kishushi
Date: January 12, 2006

By a river
Description: Some days later, Kishushi meets up with Darwuzi again.
Characters: Darwuzi, Kishushi
Date: January 21, 2006


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