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My character on African Tails MUCK from December 1998 - March 1999.


Liata was a Panthress cub, a female melanistic (dark coated) Leopard. Daughter of the panthress Chuki, she posessed three litter sisters: Shanta, Sauda and Kituko. A lively young cub with a great interest in the world, Liata's happiness was marred by the lack of family she felt. Her father was unacknowledged to her, although she met him once and found a friend.


Liata's Description:

Liata is a young Panthress cub, covered in fur that in shadow seems to be colored a dark grey-black, but in the light can be seen to be a deep brown, densely patterned with black spots. Although Liata's fur is becoming sleeker, she has a cub's roundness of form, and her paws still seem oversized. With age, her wide eyes have darkened to a deeper, yet still bright, blue, and they hold an expression of contented innocence.


A drawing of Liata as a young cub. [32 K]
Medium: Pencil crayon
Date: December 22, 1998

A drawing of Liata in TLK-style. [32 K]
Medium: Pencil crayon and black ball-point pen
Date: March 7, 1999

Liata with Banjuri, a Lion cub who was a close friend. [52 K]
Medium: Pencil crayon and black ball-point pen
Date: March 10, 1999



Newborn and wondered at
Description: Liata, newborn, is watched by her mother Chuki.
Location: Shishi's Caverns - The Nursery
Characters: Chuki, Liata
Date: December 04, 1998

Far from home, but learning
Description: A growing Liata meets an inquistive elder Hyena.
Location: Pride Land Plains
Characters: Zinou, Liata, Salisha
Date: January 13, 1999

Talking with Wazzaja
Description: Grown to a bright cub, if still one with a rather limited vocabulary, Liata talks with Wazzaja, her unacknowledged father.
Location: The Gorge Edge
Characters: Liata, Wazzaja
Date: January 16, 1999

Banjuri teaches Liata to swim
Description: Banjuri, an older Lion cub who has befriended Liata, teaches her to how swim.
Location: Dhahabu Water Hole
Characters: Banjuri, Liata
Date: February 21, 1999


Ironically, a character I never wanted to play was a blue-eyed "Panther", and I wouldn't have done so if Chuki's player, a friend, hadn't requested it of me. Both parents had the coloration, so I didn't have any choice there.

In 1999, describing things that annoy me, I wrote: "Panthers. 'Black' ones. Panthers that claim to be 'no, not a dark Leopard, not a dark Jaguar, not a cougar, just a black panther', because there is no such thing as a black panther, as such, it's a catch all name for the melanistic forms of the Leopard, Jaguar, or I suppose if you were feeling really creative, Serval. Hah. If people would just research a bit before jumping into playing a species a) that they seem to know nothing about and b) doesn't even exist anyway...Same goes for 'black' panthers with 'streaks of white' or a 'lightly tipped tail' and so on. They don't exist. Even more specificaally, I'm annoyed by Panthers with blue eyes, especially 'ice' or 'crystal' blue. Or 'powder' blue, whatever that is."


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