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Preview30Nala as a mere cub.Pencil crayon and black finliner pen1995
Preview76A heavily pregnant green-eyed Lioness.Pencil crayon and black finliner pen1995
Preview36Portrait of Kiara.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penEarly 1999
Preview40Kovu, an almost heart-shaped portrait.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penEarly 1999
Preview56A portrait of the romantically-inclined pair Kiara and Kovu from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.Watercolor pencilsEarly 1999
Preview36Nala, looking up with affection. This began as a drawing in pencil crayon, which couldn't have been later than 1995. Years on, I smudged it up almost past recognition on the computer.Computer paint programJanuary 16, 1999
Preview36Kiara—Simba and Nala's daughter from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride—looking decidedly angry. Like the above, this image started as one done on paper.Computer paint programJanuary 16, 1999
Preview40The young cub Kiwanja.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penJanuary 29, 1999
Preview40A small portrait of TLKM's aging Lioness Knemi, Banliogan's mate and therefore queen of the Uzima valley.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penFebruary 03, 1999
Preview32The Lion King MUCK's Banliogan, who ruled as king of the Uzima Valley.Pencil crayonFebruary 03, 1999
Preview56Portrait of a blue-eyed Lion. Drawn entirely in felt pens, an unusual medium for me.Felt penFebruary 04, 1999
Preview44Kiwanja in TLK-style.Pencil crayon and felt penFebruary 04, 1999
Preview32Vitani of Simba's Pride, against a starry background.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penFebruary 05, 1999
Preview36Kovu, awkwardly running.Pencil crayon and felt penFebruary 24, 1999
Preview48African Tails MUCK's Banjuri looking cute and very slightly nervous, no doubt trying to deal with an adult he doesn't think is well-disposed towards him.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penApril 03, 1999
Preview24My view of a young Vitani.Computer paint programApril 09, 1999
Preview20A portrait of Jumoja and K'aaria, adolescent Lion and Lioness, heirs to the Kopje Valley. They met their deaths in a hunting accident.Computer paint programApril 23, 1999
Preview32An almost grey-colored young Lion.Computer paint programMay, 1999
Preview[44 K]My former character Maisha, an adolescent Lioness, drawn in realistic style.Computer paint programMay 17, 1999
Preview[40 K]Maisha (re)drawn in TLK-style.Computer paint programMay 19, 1999
Preview[44 K]Maisha as a cub, sitting, with a suprised and nervous expression.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penMay 20, 1999
Preview32A mere baby, oddly-colored female.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penMay 20, 1999
Preview48You don't get much stranger than this. Zimwe'Malaika, the "devil-angel", black Lioness, who was queen of the Ibilsi Ahari pride on History of the Pridelands MUCK.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penMay 22, 1999
Preview32A bean-bag plushie version of Zimwe.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penMay 22, 1999
Preview97Swalah lying beside a Serval, Pajadi, both of them covered in mud. Um.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penJune 14, 1999
Preview44The laughing face of Ajia, an adult Lion on The Lion King MUCK.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penJune 22, 1999
Preview68The Lion King MUCK's Tokeko, an adolescent Lion.Computer paint programNovember 16, 1999
Preview48Sumozi, a young Lioness of The Lion King MUCK.Computer paint programNovember 28, 1999
Preview28Isilahi, a white Lioness character on History of the Pridelands MUCK, in the Isilibi Ahari pride.Computer paint programNovember 28, 1999
Preview48Tia, mud-colored Lioness of TLKM. Jazin and Jaid's daughter.Computer paint programDecember 04, 1999
Preview[30 K]A thoughtful-looking Lioness.PencilMarch 04, 2002
Preview[95 K]Zuzuja, a Lioness character on The Lion King MUCK.Black fineliner pen with Prismacolor pencil crayons and blenderAugust 26, 2005
Preview[43 K]Random juvenile Lioness who already has a scar on her face.Black ballpoint pen on post-it noteSeptember 15, 2005