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A character I've occasionally played on The Lion King MUCK and on Flipside MUCK.


Seera is a female Lioness. She is a nomad, a mysterious wanderer with no evident alliegances or concerns other than her own obscure interests. She doesn't seem to be one to take much interest in others' emotional concerns.


Seera's description:

Seera. The name is a hiss, a rough whisper, or a sound as sing-song as a threatening growl.

A Lioness, angular and mis-proportioned as a child's drawing. All legs and whippy tail and sloped back, prominent shoulder-blades dipping and protruding with motion. Face is long-muzzled, the hair above, elsewhere thin, untidily longer, enough to be teased upright by a breeze.

Eyes... Usually amber, one calls the shade that stares outwards from the pale cream and tawny of a Leonine's form. Here, but for the impression of liquid depths, the color might as easily be labelled 'cinnibar', rust-gold tinted with red.

As for the rest of this one, it is--bar the legginess one would put down to youth, were it not for her size and experienced attitude--unremarkable enough. Close-lying pelt a light, brownish tawny, with a dusty overlay that might be its own color, or a film remaining from travel; it is not easy to say.

She goes about her business with a faintly preocuppied half smile, yet it is not a friendly one. The white gleam of teeth is too often visible in the dark twist of it, for that.

Be wary.


Seera's scent:

A Lioness, the identification as female dust-dry as that of one not yet come to maturity, or of an elder passed into barreness. She carries with her the smells of earth and grass, and the whiff of danger that is the reminder of blood.


Seera gripping a young Cheetah. [78 K]
Medium: Pencil
Date: May 03, 2000




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