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Further Servals


Preview[40 K]Libra, Serval-formed Maximal of Beast Wars: Transformers MUSH.Computer paint programOctober, 1998
Preview[36 K]A shocked-looking Serval. Just a quick drawing in ballpoint pen.Ballpoint penOctober, 1998
Preview[28 K]The face of a melanistic Serval. These are well-documented.Ballpoint pen and computer paint programFebruary 14, 1999
Preview[44 K]The face of a Serval.Computer paint programMarch, 1999
Preview[79 K]A gold-eyed Serval.Pencil crayon and black fineliner penApril 28, 2000
Preview[44 K]A random Serval, my first try at Oekaki.OekakiOctober 15, 2003
Preview[70 K]Dozing Serval, dreaming of happier days. Another Oekaki piece, this time with the watercolor tool.OekakiOctober 10, 2003
Preview[16 K]Oekaki drawing of a Serval with a beetle.OekakiSeptember 04, 2004
Preview[4 K]Outline of a Serval winking.MS PaintSeptember 08, 2004
Preview[56 K]Just a pencil portrait of a random Serval female.PencilJuly 24, 2005
Preview[68 K]A heavily-outlined Serval.Pencil on post-it noteAugust 26, 2005
Preview[53 K]Cute Serval cub.Black and blue ballpoint pens on post-it noteSeptember 13, 2005
Preview[80 K]A white-footed Serval with large eyes.Blue ballpoint pen.October 13, 2005


Last updated September 2009.