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I began roleplaying the character Itikadi in February 2003, on The Lion King MUCK. In October 2006 I moved her to Romance in the Savannah MUCK.


I was living in a world
Where every mask I wore
Fell on its face,
But I won't masquerade no more
Love don't need no hiding place

— Webb Wilder, "The Rest"


Itikadi is a female Serval. Like many of her kind, she spend her early adulthood a wanderer, and wouldn't easily admit to loneliness. She has found close friendship with another female, and the two settled down together as mates. They den together in the Kopje lands, with their Leopard friend Darwuzi as a close neighbour.


Name: Swahili for "faith". I pronounce the name as [Ih-tee-kay-dee]. It is staccato rather than flowing.


Itikadi's Description:

This Serval is true to form, long curves of neck and body atop stick-thin long legs. Despite her gracile build, Itikadi has a solidity to her stance, and a certain look of arrogance in her greenish-yellow eyes.
    Dark smudges trail from around her eyes up to the narrow space between her large ears. The near-black markings on her tawny pelt form long streaks on either side of her supple spine, blotching on her shoulders and legs, and more scattered spots on her flanks. The looser fur of her underside and throat is white, albeit a little greyed by shadow.
    There's a faint stripe of white on the lower side of Itikadi's ringed tail as well. Short as her tail is, not even half the distance of her hindlegs, it moves quite sharply from side to side. Servals are among the smaller cats, but this one of them has attitude to belie her size.

Preview[124 K]A portrait of Itikadi.OekakiNovember 26, 2003
Preview[87 K]Itikadi one evening.Black fineliner pen with pencil crayons on blue cardMay 09, 2005


Logs & Written Pieces:

Date: January 03, 2005
Location: In Front of Pride Rock
Characters: Itikadi, Royathi, Upepo

Losing the river
Date: June 24, 2005
Location: Somewhere Grassy
Characters: Itikadi, Royathi

Stalking Land
Itikadi meets a bird on her search for a place to den.
Date written: August, 2005

Date: August 12, 2005
Location: \ Kopje / Mountain Forest
Characters: Itikadi, Darwuzi, Kikora

In rain
Date: November 26, 2005
Location: \ Kopje / Kopje Forest Falls
Characters: Darwuzi, Itikadi

Date: November 02, 2006
Location: \ Kopje / Thicketed River Bank
Characters: Itikadi, Darwuzi

"What would you call them? Leopvals? Servards?"
Date: November 03, 2006
Location: \ Kopje / Thicketed Savannah Grasslands
Characters: Itikadi, Ayorith


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