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A character I roleplayed on The Lion King MUCK from July - December 2005.


Kwafeli is a male Serval. Unlike many of his kind, Kwafeli isn't a wanderer by nature. However, he has yet to find a place to settle, and there is a restless uncertainty in him.

Bastard-born though he was, Kwafeli had a reasonably happy childhood. He was the quiet one of his litter, overshadowed by his much bolder siblings, and spent most of his time curled up by his mother, listening to her soft tales or simply sleeping against her warmth. Not one to revel in new places and unfamiliar company, he was happy to miss out on most of the visits the others made; waking one day to find his mother and all three siblings gone was not a worry to him.

It was a different thing when his brother and sister returned alone, with a tangled tale of their mother leaving them, and the other cub lost somewhere. In desperate need of reassurance, Kwafeli huddled against his brother. They fell asleep that way some time after darkness fell, obscuring the sight of their remaining sister sitting alone, staring out at the trees. When the brothers woke, sometime after dawn, she was gone.

The thought of blindly seeking their kin was too big a task to contemplate, too sharp a thought to concentrate on. Yet as the days wore on, neither could they stand to stay in a home gone to shadows and dry, fading scents of those who had been familiar. They left without purpose or plan, determined only to stay together, and to somehow survive.

Kwafeli and his brother parted somewhere in the storms of nearing adulthood, but they had made it that far.


Name: His name means "From misdeed".


Kwafeli's Description:

Servals are lanky long past adolescence, even disproportionate: tall ears setting off a small head, long neck and slim body, with startlingly thin, lengthy legs, and a short tail to finish. Kwafeli takes this fact of species to an extreme. He is small for his kind, and lean enough to suggest that he was ill-norished during some part of his youth; even his fur is less than sleek, thinned and whorled in small patches on his shoulders and flanks.
     His fur's base color is a deep copper, shading to sand and then to almost white on his loose-furred underside. Mottled over this is a pattern of black spots: regular on his flanks and legs, gathering into fractured stripes along his spine, then curling into bars on his black-tipped tail. Small black spots mottle his face, framing the thin lines of white above his black and amber eyes.

Preview[88 K]Kwafeli.Black fineliner pen with pencil crayons on cardboardJuly 10, 2005



Rain and shadows
Description: Kwafeli meets a female Serval.
Location: Middle Savannah
Characters: Kwafeli, Jasisi
Date: July 13, 2005

Another meeting in rain
Location: Middle Savannah
Characters: Kwafeli, Jasisi
Date: August 01, 2005

Location: Middle Savannah
Characters: Jasisi, Kwafeli
Date: August 02, 2005

Talking of dreams
Location: Water Hole
Characters: Kwafeli, Anakharis
Date: November 03, 2005


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