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Odd Servals


Shenryyr got dubbed the Oddity, and many of these images illustrate him in some form other than strictly In Character. But there are some other odd examples of Servals here as well.


Preview[52 K]Shenryyr the Staffur. Bipedal, clothed, but still missing half an ear--torn off by an angry guest, perhaps?Pencil crayonDecember 22, 1998
Preview[52 K]Derani, adult male, rather odd looking and, in a departure from the norm for me, drawn in TLK-style.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penMarch 08, 1999
Preview[68 K]Derani lying down, with a quizical expressionPencil crayon and black ballpoint penMay 17, 1999
Preview[68 K]A very cute-looking fluffy Shenryyr.Computer paint programJune 13, 1999
Preview[20 K]The face of an albino Serval. I'm not even sure if they exist. Theoretically, certainly, but I've never read of an actual example being found. Fun to draw in any case.Pencil and pencil crayonJuly 01, 1999
Preview[80 K]Anthro' Shenryyr, stretched out on his stomach, wearing a solitary hoop earing. (I couldn't resist the opportunity to add a touch of gold.)Felt pen, pencil crayon and black fineliner pen, with gold penAugust 03, 2001
Preview[82 K]Shenryyr decorated for Christmas, looking less than reassuringly sane.Computer paint programDecember 12, 2001


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