The List of Nalia's Family

The strong parental instinct of the Lioness Nalia, and more than one of her kin, has resulted in a network of kinship by blood and adoption that includes a large proportion of The Lion King MUCK population. The vast majority are of course Lions, but there is also a reasonable sampling of other species.

There are too many characters and complex connections for this to be laid out in a standard family tree. Here are the members of Nalia's family, past and present, alive or deceased or disappeared. Not all these characters were roleplayed on the MUCK; some were only mentioned in background information, or in "off camera" storylines or periods of time.

A name in Italics indicates a character who does not have his or her own entry in the list. This is often a character related only through being the mate of another character.

Last count:
(May 31, 2015)


Total: 525
Still Around: 104
Disappeared: 307
Dead: 114


Lion: 478
Leopard/Panther: 18
Serval: 8
Cheetah: 10
Fruit Bat: 6
Golden Cat: 1
Hyena: 1
Meerkat: 1
Unknown: 2

NameCharacter is still around on the MUCK
NameCharacter is dead
NameCharacter is not confirmed dead, but has disappeared from the MUCK or did not exist as an "on camera" character.
NameCharacter doesn't have his or her own entry in the list
(Name)Related by adoption
[Name]Unsure whether born or adopted
-NameCharacter was a former mate
...Is not a complete list
;Marks separation between litters

The characters are listed by name in alphabetical order.

ArrowAdaora - Duma
ArrowEleu - Itumele
ArrowJaa - Jumoja
ArrowK'aaria - Kyra
ArrowLailen - Lutulo
ArrowMaargli - Mzuhali
ArrowNabana - Ryngia
ArrowSaalio - Swalah
ArrowTabani - Twanka
ArrowUkarimu - Zuzuri

I'm not connected to Nalia's player, but the character's adoption of my own character Fevra led to my interest in her IC kin. I created this list in February of 1999, and have maintained it since. I welcome comments, corrections and additions; you can e-mail me at

All characters are the intellectual property of their players and creators.

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