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My character on Maisha MUCK in 1999.


Kukeni straightens a little, emphasizing her overlong legs, then answers with equal formality, "I am Kukeni, of Kilahri of Ryana, in Gressir's matriline. A wanderer, now."


Kukeni is a female adolescent Serval. She is bitter at times, having been packed off into the world by her mother when Kukeni felt herself still a little too young to leave the security of her birth-territory and lineage. Holds onto that, as she was taught: Kukeni, of Kilahri, of Ryana--she could continue for generations if a listener were patient enough. Making the best of her lot, then, taking in knowledge of this area she has found herself in, deciding if she wishes to settle and perhaps continue her own line, in time. She carries some distrust and wariness of her own kind, who are, after all, potential competition.


Name: Kukeni, pronounced by me as [ Coo-ken-ee ], means 'In the female line' in Swahili, although in actually it is spelt with two 'u's, as Kuukeni.


Kukeni's Description:

Kukeni is a young female Serval, who is past cubhood but has not yet reached her full growth or maturity. In confirmation of this, her small feline body is lankier even than is usual for her kind, with the gangliness of youth still growing. The pelt which covers her is sleek and unmarred by any scarring, colored a a rich tawny gold which fades abruptly to a yellowish near white on her muzzle, underside, and the inner sides of her legs.
     As well, this paler hue frames her eyes, which are colored a brownish gold little different from her pelt. As might be expected, they contain dark, slitted pupils, and hold the uncertainty of a young one not yet sure of her place, current or future, in the world. Yet despite this, there is confidence in her as well, of a past known and lessons well learned.
     This feline's delicate face is topped by a pair of black-backed ears, which are upright, oval, and--to one more used to the proportions of the larger cats--almost oversized. The mottled patterning of spots streaming down from between them echoes the line of Kukeni's thin spine before separating to form a series of rings about her short tail. Other round spots, the same blackish brown in color, mark her sides and merge into lines that encircle her lower legs before finally spattering into a scattering of spots over her paws.


A portrait of Kukeni. [28 K]
Medium: Computer paint program
Date: May 18, 1999



  • Welcomed by Imhotep
    Description: Newly arrivied in the area, Kukeni is shown about by an adult Panther, Imhotep.
    Location: The Watering Hole
    Characters: Kukeni, Imhotep
    Date: May 22, 1999

  • Observing Lions
    Description: Later that day, Kukeni encounters a few Lions, and listens to their (largely not well understood) discussion.
    Location: The Watering Hole
    Characters: Kukeni, Raiden, Nyira, Jadi, Sherehezhad,
    Date: May 22, 1999

  • Meeting a Queen
    Description: Kukeni encounters Lenith, the queen of one of the area's prides.
    Location: Lush Savanna
    Characters: Kukeni, Lenith
    Date: May 24, 1999

  • Meeting various others
    Description: Some days later, Kukeni encounters Imhotep again, as well as some other characters.
    Location: The Watering Hole
    Characters: Kukeni, Imhotep, Haraka, Nyira, Siptah, Mfumua
    Date: May 28, 1999


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