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A character I played on The Lion King MUCK in 1999.


Kiwanja was a female Lioness cub, the daughter of Banliogan and Knemi, rulers of the Uzima valley. Young, trusting and playful, she spent her time with her litter-siblings Jali and Akitepe, and the other members of the pride, including her elder brothers Tahzhoo and Ajabu, both adolescent Lions. Of all those she knew, she was closest to Tahzhoo, and spent many happy times with him.


Name: Kiwanja is a Swahili word meaning "earth". As far as I'm considered, the name is pronounced [ Kih-wan-jah ].


Kiwanja's Description:

The Lioness cub Kiwanja is young, and for the moment it is that happy youth which defines her. Her pelt, caught in that awkward stage between baby fluff and older sleekness, is the yellowed tawny of desert sand that bleaches further over her underside and lower face. Punctuated by a black-mottled nose-pad, her round face is more clearly defined by her eyes, wide with a child's wonder. A pale color, bluish, and the hints of green in that coloring herald that their color will not change further as she ages--the blue-grey stage of blurred sight is long past.
     Oval ears still seem overlarge, flopping occasionaly around Kiwanja's face. Just in front of these, over the cub's forehead, spatter small round dots of deeper brown, echoed in larger size by those over shoulders, flanks, and rump. Attention is diverted by her long tail, brown-tasseled. Held high with the confidence of knowing its owner to deserve adoration, it echoes the overall posture of the round-bodied youngster. Curious, wondering, but above all expressing a generous joy in the world that joys in her, Kiwanja seems to have not yet lost any faith in a world that has so far been kind to her. Well-fed and groomed, she might be a princess. Certainly, she is the lucky possessor of a loving family.


Preview[32 K]Kiwanja drawn realistically.Pencil crayonJanuary 29, 1999
Preview[40 K]Kiwanja in TLK-style.Pencil crayon and felt penFebruary 04, 1999
Preview[40 K]A portrait of Kiwanja's mother Knemi.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penFebruary 03, 1999
Preview[32 K]Kiwanja's father Banliogan.Pencil crayon and black ballpoint penFebruary 03, 1999



Kiwanja is born
Description: Kiwanja, firstborn of her litter, and her siblings are born to Knemi and Banliogan, of the Uzima Valley.
Location: Knemi and Banliogan's Cave
Characters: Kiwanja, Knemi, Tahzhoo, Akitepe, Banliogan, Jali, Jinja, Ajabu
Date: January 30, 1999

Jali wanders
Description: Young though she is, Jali, Kiwanja's litter-sister, wanders away causing a brief flurry of panicing of mother and elder brother.
Location: Knemi and Banliogan's Cave
Characters: Tahzhoo, Knemi, Kiwanja, Jali
Date: February 02, 1999

Snuggling with mother
Description: Knemi snuggles with her growing daughter.
Location: Main Cave of Uzima Valley, Uzima Valley Hunting Grounds
Characters: Knemi, Kiwanja
Date: June 19, 1999

Cub stubborness and brotherly love
Description: Tahzhoo tries to get his stubborn younger sister to talk.
Location: Knemi and Banliogan's Cave
Characters: Kiwanja, Tahzhoo
Date: July 07, 1999

Sibling affection
Description: Tahzhoo and Kiwanja talking (mainly on Tahzhoo's side, of course) at the Uzima Valley Falls.
Location: Uzima Valley Falls
Characters: Kiwanja, Tahzhoo
Date: July 20, 1999

Meeting "Hal"
Description: Kiwanja makes the acquaintance of Halji, a Lioness who might stay around the area.
Location: Uzima Valley Falls
Characters: Kiwanja, Halji
Date: July 21, 1999

Mentioning water
Description: Later, Kiwanja and her brother talk a bit, one-sided as usual.
Location: Uzima Valley Falls
Characters: Kiwanja, Tahzhoo
Date: July 21, 1999

Lots at the falls
Description: Kiwanja, her parents, and assorted other kin, at the falls.
Location: Uzima Valley Falls
Characters: Banliogan, Knemi, Tahzhoo, Kiwanja, Halji, Nabiku
Date: July 22, 1999