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The Maximal character I played on Beast Wars: Transformers MUSH from April 1997 to December 1999.


Name: Argen
Faction: Maximal
Beast Mode: Gray Fox
Function: Surveillance

Quote: "Be careful what you say about tree spirits."

Note: Argen is bold in familiar territory, but very cautious elsewhere. This applies to her attitude towards others as well. Very attuned to the rhythms of nature and often smilingly alludes to mystical "spirit beings" living in the natural world. In Beast mode, she is a grey and red-brown fox, usually hidden in a tree to spy on Predacon activity. The ability to climb means a lot to Argen, and as she can't accomplish this as easily in Robot mode, she is reluctant to transform. When she does decide to change to Robot form, you know she must be doing something definite.


Argen has been described as cold, withdrawn, reserved, even "prim". Something of a loner, with a tendancy to keep to herself out in the Pine Bluffs near the Axalon, she is not completely adverse to company but only rarely actively seeks it out. Among those she considers friends—although in most cases it would take some effort to get her to admit it—are Velociripper (Utahraptor Beast Mode), Flipoff (Sugar Glider Beast Mode), Otterax (Otter Beast Mode), Impulse (Impala Beast Mode), and Foxtrax (Red Fox Beast Mode).


Name: 'Argen', part of the scentific name of her Beast Mode species, means 'Silver' in Latin, logically enough for a Gray Fox. Quite how she chose the name has never come to light, but no doubt she had her reasons. She pronounces her name as [ Are-gehn ]. The 'g' is soft. Which means 'Arrrggghhh!' can also be used as an OOC attention getter.


Beast Mode Description:

Argen is, to all outward appearances, a female member of the Gray Fox species, which bears the scientific name Urocyon cinereoargenteus. At forty-odd inches or so in length, she is large for her kind but not unduly so. Her coat is grizzled grey, edged by rusty reddish brown along her sides, inner legs, and neck, contrasting with the white on her throat and undersize. A dark stripe runs down her spine to merge with the black tip of her bushy tail.
     Argen's long-nosed face is framed by a pair of alertly pricked triangular ears, on their outer sides a rust red. The rest of her face is grizzled grey, the only exceptions her white throat and the black lines that run from the outer corners of her eyes. Those eyes, a ruddy brown in color, track every visible movement, even as her ears swivel to follow sound: this Fox does not miss much.


Preview32A portrait of Argen's Beast Mode face.Computer paint programMarch 13, 1999
Preview26Argen in her Beast Mode.Computer paint programDecember, 1998
Argen curled on a chair.
Pencil crayonDecember 29, 1998
Preview40Argen looking up at a pine tree.Pencil, pencil crayon and ball-point penJanuary 15, 1999
Preview78Foxtrax and Argen talking in the Pine Bluffs.Pencil crayonFebruary 2, 1999


Robot Mode Description:

Argen is a slender robot, little larger than a Human. In color, she is mainly a silvery grey, although panels formed by the grizzled grey and red-brown fur of her beast mode outline her limbs. Her arms end in four-fingered white hands, overshadowed by the slate dark bulk of her dart-grenade launchers, yet balanced by the fox paws on her inner wrists. Similar paws are visible above her dark, treaded feet.
     The coloration of the Gray Fox head on her chest is paralleled by the helmet-incased, vaguely canine look to her robot form head, which bears a black line leading from the outer corner of each glowing orange eye.

Preview48Argen in her Robot Mode.Pencil crayon and black fine-liner penDecember 24, 1998
Preview34Just a rough drawing of Argen in her robot mode.Ballpoint pen1999


OOC Counterpart:

A sometimes-fluffy creature to watch out for, with a well-known interest in consuming guests. She tends to get used as an all-around garbage disposal for junk like twinky apps as well. Wielder of bottles of the famous Guestie Sauce, an ever-ready BBQ, staples, and an occasional FGS.

Preview32Argen, all fluffed up cutely.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penJanuary 17, 1999
Preview64Argen terrorizing a guest.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penJanuary 24, 1999
Preview44Argen cradling the severed head of a guestie.Pencil crayon and black ball-point penFebruary 12, 1999


My collection of various amusing OOC comments from BWTF
Various dates and characters.



Not a Log, but...
Description: The first, and more or less only (not counting some revisions requested by the admin) draft of my application for Argen.
Date: March 1997.

Argen Introduced
Description: My first ever RP as Argen (she never had a pod landing). I felt it was completely spot-on for how I thought the character would act.
Location: Maximal Landing
Characters: Rowl, Thunderstrike, Argen
Date: April 07, 1997

Pine Bluff Introductions
Description: Argen, already about in the area that will become her habitual one, encounters Nightwing, a darking charming Predacon, and Flipout, a hyper Maximal.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Nightwing, Argen, Flipout
Date: April 08, 1997

A hollow log, and what happened after
Description: An early log...Argen and Backflip's encounter with a couple of Preds. I might note that the combat was entirely uncoded, other than a few uses of the generic +roll command. So none of us were steller RPers back then...but we had fun.
Location: Mountain Path
Characters: Argen, Backflip, Coil, Enigma, Flipout
Date: October 31, 1997

Argen and Ripper
Description: Some easy discussion between Ripper and Argen, regarding personalities and reflexes.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Velociripper and Argen
Date: April 13, 1998

Ripper and assorted others
Description: A rather depressed Ripper is visited by various friends attempting to cheer him up. Argen, for her part, plays a game of 'pounce a dromae tail', for reasons of her own.
Location: Crystal Lake
Characters: Velociripper, Argen, Glimmer, Silverbolt, Otterax
Date: May 05, 1998

Jungle Clearing
Description: A vist to the Jungle Clearing results in an encounter with the brashy agressive Predacon Altitron.
Location: Jungle Clearing
Characters: Altitron, Argen, Libra, Muskon
Date: December 19, 1998

Lost Dacschund
Description: A brief yet amusing encounter with the Predacon Blitzkrieg.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Blitzkrieg and Argen
Date: December 20, 1998

What're you observing?
Description: Argen's serene observation among the trees are interrupted by Impulse, the (over)enthusiastic researcher.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Impulse, Argen, Beedrill
Date: December 27, 1998

Red Fox, Gray Fox
Description: Later that day, Argen is visited (again) by Foxtrax.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Foxtrax and Argen
Date: December 27, 1998

Pine needles and fleas
Description: A brief encounter with the childlike Predacon Mimic.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Mimic and Argen
Date: January 01, 1999

Pounce and grab
Description: The Red Fox and the Gray actually get involved in a relaxed game of chase and pounce a tail.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Foxtrax and Argen
Date: January 24, 1999

Skritching, and more serious discussions
Description: Argen gets scritched behind the ears...and then the conversation turns to more serious issues, such as war and loneliness.
Location: Pine Bluffs
Characters: Otterax, Thunderstrike, Argen, Frostpaw
Date: January 30, 1999

Frosty remarks
Description: On the Axalon's bridge, a cool discussion with the recently-landed Frostpaw regarding tact.
Location: Bridge - Axalon
Characters: Foxtrax and Argen
Date: February 17, 1999

Unprovoked attack by Occult
Description: Argen is minding her own business in the Pine Bluffs when she's attacked by a Predacon. How polite.
Location: Pine Bluffs, Mountain Path, Maximal Landing, Bridge - Axalon, Medbay
Characters: Argen, Occult, Tumbleweed, Cleoset, Rattrap, Rhinox, Katscan
Date: July 14, 1999

Tap Scrubland to get one dust-covered Fox
Description: On a routine patrol to the Scrubland, the Predacon Epidemic comes across Argen: filthy, neglected, and seeming barely alive, let alone intelligent.
Location: Scrubland
Characters: Argen and Epidemic
Date: December 12, 1999